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About Robin Roberson

In my opinion, small-town life is a separate culture in itself.  Part of what I love about Rock Creek is the fact that I grew up in a town similar to Bokchito and went to a school similar in size to Rock Creek.  Even though I don't live in this community, it feels like home, and I like that.  Thank you for making me a part of your community.

Here’s a little about me:

I graduated from high school in 2001 and enrolled in Southeastern Oklahoma State University.  I was accepted into the honors program there, and graduated in 2005 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish Education.  I became certified to teach Spanish that summer, and then added Speech, Drama, and Debate to my certificate a few years later.  In 2008 I decided to pursue a Master of Education degree in School Counseling.  I was accepted into Southeastern’s school counseling program and graduated in May of 2011.  I added school counseling to my teaching certificate that summer.  I taught Spanish and Speech until 2012 (and a few hours a day in 2013).  I enjoyed teaching and learning from my students, but when the opportunity arose to become the school counselor for the district, I felt led to serve the students in a different capacity.  I left my classroom, and moved into the counselor's office. Although the job covers a MULTITUDE of responsibilities, I absolutely LOVE coming to work every day.  We have a great school with great staff and great students.  My hope is that we can all work together--community members, parents, students, staff, administration, and Board of Education--to make Rock Creek the absolute best school it can be.


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